[Market Comparison] 15 Free Websites to Compare Crypto Currency Prices

Good morning. I’m Fennec.

Here are some free websites that you can use to research prices without any trouble.

Figure. 15 free sites to compare crypto currency quotes

This is the site described in the figure, all of which are presented in this article.

Various professors have given detailed explanations, so I will only give a brief explanation here.

If you don’t know about these useful sites, please try them out. I will explain how to see the chart in the last section of this article, “How to Compare Prices”.

Crypto Currency Market Viewing Site

The sites will be presented in an order that places the highest priority on getting an overall picture of prices as quickly as possible.



This heatmap lists the current price and rate of rise and fall of crypto currencies.

In addition to individual chart display functions, basic information such as market capitalization can also be viewed.


This map visualizes the rate of rise and fall of crypto currencies in terms of the size of the coins. Various coins are displayed flying around and are fun to look at.

You can also view market capitalization rankings and charts. A smartphone app version is also available.



This site displays crypto currency prices, charts, and market capitalization in a ranking format.

Documentation is extensive, including links to each coin’s official website and white papers.

I often use the rankings of exchanges and decentralized exchanges (DEX). There is also a smartphone app. Once you create an account, you can use the portfolio and watch list, but it is very easy to use.


This site displays charts, prices, and market capitalization rankings of crypto currencies. Smartphone app available.

The official Japanese-language Twitter account provides rankings, news, reports, and other useful information.

Both CMC and CoinGecko are good tools, so use them both.


The site provides rankings of crypto currencies based on a unique point system called “GalaxyScore” and “AltRank” calculated using social media analytics.

It could be used to get a sense of the overall mood of the market, away from news and analysis alone.

There are also rankings of influencers for each coin to help you gather information.

Memo: Another interesting price comparison site is MarketCapOf.

There are input fields for A and B. The price of A can be displayed when the market capitalization of B is reached.

Gas Price

ETH Gas Station

View Ethernet’s current gas prices by speed.

It is recommended to check before trading on the DEX.

Ethereum Gas Charts

Price chart of gas prices in Ethereum and historical gas prices.

It is easy to see when gas prices are low, which is helpful when making a deal.



TradingView is a charting site for stocks and crypto currencies. Create and use an account.

Both the site and the smartphone app are comfortable to use, multifunctional and easy to customize.

It is such a useful tool that you would not be able to do anything without it. When you trade by watching the price fluctuations of exchanges with high volume, you will be able to read price movements more easily. In most cases, the price will gradually converge with the price of the exchange with the highest volume.


This is a chart display site for decentralized exchange trading.

You need the token $DEXT to use all the features of DEXTool.


Multi-chain DEX trading chart display site.

If you can’t find coins at DEXTools, try looking here.

MoonTools’ Medium announced a partnership with LGCY Network in March 2021, so fans of XinFin and LGCY will be keeping an eye on MoonTools’ ($MOONS) future.


Indicators can be used to chart blockchain on-chain data.

There are many market analyses that can only be done here and can be used to accurately assess market conditions.

It’s a bit of a stretch to use, but there are a lot of teachers online, so you can check them out.

Stock Market Viewing Site

Physical crypto currencies fall under the category of “commodities” in the overall market. This is the same genre as precious metals, energy, grains, etc.

Since the market is affected by the stock market, it is recommended to watch the stock market together when checking market conditions.

Crypto currency mutual funds and ETFs are convenient to use analysis tools for stock trading, so I will introduce them as well.


World Stock Indexes

Bloomberg, a global provider of financial news and market information, offers the latest stock index information on its website free of charge.

It is also a convenient way to check stock indices around the world.

S&P 500 Map

This heat map lists the stock price and return for each company in the S&P 500 (Standard & Poor’s 500 Stock Index) by sector and industry. Size represents market capitalization.

The operation and look and feel is similar to COIN360 (Crypto currency market heat map).

In addition to the S&P 500, the following can be displayed by switching the MAP FILTER.

  • World: Overseas ADR (American Depository Receipt) issues listed on NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX
  • Full: All stocks listed on U.S. stock exchanges
  • Exchange Traded Funds: ETFs categorized by sector and style

For those investing in crypto currency stocks that are compliant with ISO 20022 messaging standards, the “Full” FINANCIAL sector is a must-see.



The site covers stock and futures charts and detailed data on individual stocks and sectors.

You can view performance rankings by sector, all ETF components, and more.

Stocks -> STOCK MARKET IDEAS -> Blockchain Stocks provides a list of listed blockchain-related stocks. It is a good reference for crypto currency investment.

You can also use the Bitcoin Invt TR (GBTC) Trader’s Cheat Sheet as a tool to determine resistance lines (upper resistance lines) and support lines (lower support lines) in Bitcoin pivot point analysis.

You can use it in many ways, so I hope you will give it a try. That’s it for the site.

How to Compare Prices

The following is an explanation of how to read the diagram I have included in the introduction.

This diagram divides sites that can be used for price research into four sectors. (I have taken the liberty of dividing them)

It is divided into a vertical axis of space/time and a horizontal axis of pictures/numbers, respectively.

There are two main ways to compare prices.

  1. Compare the subject with others
  2. Comparing the subject’s own past and present

The difference between the two is whether I look at it in space or in time. You can compare prices by comparing them to other objects in the same space or to the object’s own past and present.

In art, it is like the difference between painting and music.

A picture can be conveyed at a glance, but time stands still. Music is conveyed through changes over time, but has no form. In other words, pictures are seen in space, and music is seen in time.

Sites that compare prices create maps or rankings by comparing them to someone other than the subject, or create charts or graphs by comparing the past and present of the subject. Most of them are expressed as pictures.

Within the picture is a number. The user compares the price by looking at both the picture and the number.

  1. Comparing the subject with others → Divided into picture/number
  2. Comparing the subject’s own past and present → Divided into picture/number

So, I categorize them by space and time, and further derived from them, by pictures and numbers, respectively.

Incidentally, the following order is a good way to quickly look up prices using this classification method.

  1. Picture of whole market (Space/Picture)
  2. Number of whole market (Space/Number)
  3. Picture of individual stocks (Time/Picture)
  4. Number of individual issues (Time/Number)

It is like going from a wide place to a narrow place.

This article presents the sites in that order. In the figure, if you use the sites shown in the figure in the order of writing the letter Z in the alphabet, it will be in that order.

These were the explanations of the figures.

The overall market picture and individual stock figures are often overlooked because there are so few sites. I hope you’ll take notice of them because they can be used for both long and short term trades – I’m sure you’ll find them useful.