[Information Gathering] Enterprise blockchain specialization! 5 Recommended FinTech News Sites

Good morning. This is Fennec.

Do you have a favorite crypto currency news site? If you visit the same site every week, you may find that you like a few good ones.

The sites I can recommend will depend on the stocks you are investing in, but today I’d like to introduce you to a site that covers a lot of enterprise (corporate) blockchain topics related to the ISO 20022 international standard that I often discuss on this blog.

I can’t introduce all of them, so I will focus on the five that I especially recommend.

There are no rankings or anything like that, but I recommend looking at all of the sites listed here because they cover news from around the world. If you knew about it, please assume that I am always consciously picking up news in this area.

Recommended FinTech News Sites

Ledger Insights

Learn about the trends in enterprise blockchain

Ledger Insights is a business news site that specializes in enterprise blockchain. It mainly deals with activity-based reporting by companies and institutions, and intentionally excludes information on ICOs, IEOs, prices, etc.

The names of specific companies and technologies are often well listed in the articles, making it an excellent database. The quality of the articles is very high, and the links on the site often solve any questions I have while reading the news.

As you can see from the words “the company is credible, we will write about it.” in “About us”, I get the impression that the writer is quite scrutinizing the companies that are featured in the news before writing about them. I feel that this thoroughness also contributes to the high quality of the news.

Ledger Insights is a news site that I always check. Whenever I look up news, I always look at virtual currency (overseas -> domestic) -> economy (overseas -> domestic) in that order, but when I compare duplicate news later, I personally think there are few news sites that can beat this site in terms of breadth of view.

Crowdfund Insider

Learn about the business of disruptive finance ventures

Crowdfund Insider is a fintech news site that focuses on the “emerging global industry of disruptive finance”. It covers news about investment crowdfunding and blockchain.

The originality of this site is so strong that even if you visit this site after going through other news sites, you will find a lot of new news. I like it because it gives me early insight into the latest developments of the companies that issue the virtual currencies I am investing in and their partners.

As with Ledger Insights, there is a lot of enterprise news, but it’s interesting to see that it’s a bit different in that it actively covers startups.

If you are interested in reading economic news other than blockchain, I recommend the major PYMNTS. Although it specializes in payment-related news, it has a large amount of information and you can read it without worrying about missing any major news.


Learn about events in the Asia-Pacific region, including China

forkast is a Hong Kong-based media company specializing in business news from the Asia Pacific region.

The range of genres of articles is wide, and the ability to get local information about China is invaluable. This is a site to keep in mind because you can read localized news that is not covered elsewhere.

In this blog, where I gather information by dispersing geography, I always look through it every week.

For those who want to get closer to the real voice of China, Wu Blockchain is a good place to start. Like forkast, it is based in Hong Kong. There is also a newsletter. Like forkast, it is based in Hong Kong.

Fintech News

Know the trends of banks in the world’s major economies

Fintech News is a good place to receive information about banking around the world.

In addition to the Singapore site that I linked to, there are other sites set up in different regions, including Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines, Switzerland, the United States, Africa, the Middle East, and the Baltic Sea. According to the information posted on the site, they have established their own news network, and they collect information from countries near their chapters.

If you want to cover the news of banks in major economic regions, this is a good read.

However, the frequency of updates is low, so it may be easier to read if you follow the chapters on Twitter or use an RSS reader to keep them all in one place, rather than looking at the site directly.

The Block

Know information based on blockchain research and analysis

The Block is a news media company based in New York City.

The block specializes in blockchain research and analysis, and provides the highest quality data and reports in the industry. Numerous venture capital firms and accounting firms, such as a16z, Deloitte, Fidelity, VISA, and Standard Chartered Bank, use the data from The Block’s research and analysis.

Rather than simply jumping on the bandwagon of what’s technologically amazing or new, I get the impression that news coverage is based on consideration of its impact on society. Many of the articles are interesting and extremely detailed, and they are right on target.

The data and reports available for free on the site are also useful for individual investors.


I’ve tried to make recommendations by dispersing them among new and old companies, regions, public and private sectors, and industries.

I get the vibe that many companies in the virtual currency press maintain a flat stance, but even so, I think there will be more or less bias depending on where you live, the industry or company you are involved with, your income and expenses, etc. As a recipient of information, you want to take that situation into account and gather information from various sources to make it sticky and flat.

As the industry grows, I feel that the opinions of individuals who publish high quality newsletters will become increasingly important.

The fact that a person with such a position is saying such a thing is an important indicator, regardless of the quality of the information. I would like to listen to the stories of many people.

I’ll see you later.