[Recommended] Featured DEX/CEX Aggregators

Where do you purchase your crypto currency?

I mostly use CEX (Centralized Exchange) in most cases, and occasionally use DEX (Decentralized Exchange).

Today, I would like to introduce you to several crypto currency exchange aggregators that are becoming more and more popular with users every day. The basic service of an aggregator is to automatically collect price information from multiple exchanges and pools and provide users with the lowest price at the time.

Find an aggregator that fits your strategy and manage your assets well~.

Aggregator Introduction

I will introduce aggregators by DEX/CEX as soon as possible. If you are wondering, “What is DEX?” If you are wondering “What is DEX?”, please read the next section “DEX and Aggregators” first and then come back to this page.

DEX Aggregator


1inch offers limit orders as well as a yield farming feature. No transaction, deposit, or withdrawal fees are required, but you will be charged the DEX commission where your order was processed. It features a very large number of pairs that can be swapped.

Built on Ethereum, but with a governance token to reduce the impact of gas prices. 1inch raised US$2.8 million in seed funding from Binance Labs, Galaxy Digital and others in August 2020 and Pantera Capital and others in December 2020. It is the leading DEX aggregator in the industry with US$12 million in funding.


ParaSwap sources liquidity from various pools and DEXs and offers staking and yield farming in addition to swaps. There are no transaction fees, only gas fees, unless the transaction goes through a third party such as a hardware wallet. Hardware wallets are supported for both Ledger/Trezor.


Matcha is a DEX aggregator built on Ethereum and developed by 0xLabs.

Click here for a list of DEXs integrated with Matcha. In an interview with The Block, Matt Taylor, 0x’s head of marketing, revealed that “Matcha aims to be the Robin Hood of the crypto currency industry (a popular stock trading app in the US). True to his words, Matcha’s greatest feature is its thoroughly user-friendly design. The interface is simple and easy to understand.

CoW Swap

CoW Swap is a DEX aggregator built on the CoW Protocol. Developed by the CoW Protocol team independent of GnosisDAO, the official version was released in August 2021.

By using the batch auction method of trading, users are protected from arbitrage, front running, sandwich attacks, and other MEVs. CoW Swap is also an Ethereum-based aggregator, but with no gas fees for transactions. After paying ETH for gas in approval for spending on DApps at the time of the initial transaction, there is no gas fee for both executing and canceling orders.

Fire Salamander

LCX is a Liechtenstein crypto currency exchange for private and institutional investors. A member of the World Economic Forum, LCX joined the Crypto Valley Association with an official announcement on June 2, 2022.

Fire Salamander is a DEX aggregator built on top of Uniswap, courtesy of LCX, that searches the best prices from Uniswap V2, Uniswap V3, Sushiswap, Kyber DMM, Defi Swap, Luaswap, Youswap, Link Swap, MiniSwap, SakeSwap, etc. Chart display and limit orders are supported.

CEX Aggregator


SwissBorg is a CEX aggregator handling Binance, Kraken, LMAX, HitBTC, and Bitfinex, with 1,896 currency trading pairs (as of July 10, 2022). Click here to see the currencies supported.

Not only is it an excellent CEX aggregator, but it also offers features for long-term investment, such as a reward system that increases the interest rate of staking by purchasing a certain amount of the Governance Token $CHSB.

This reward system is similar to that of Atomic Wallet, which I introduced in our previous feature article on crypto currency wallets. In that case, the ranks of the participants increased as they purchased governance tokens, and the returns increased.

Download the SwissBorg smartphone app from the link below and receive $CHSB tokens worth up to €100 as a gift. Please note that you’ll receive the tokens after you have made a deposit.

Please note that the process for depositing money into SwissBorg differs for crypto and fiat currency. Depositing from Japan in legal tender involves high fees and the hassle of using Wise, but depositing in crypto currency involves low fees and the hassle is not much different from purchasing cryptos.

(Steps to deposit crypto currency from CEX)

  1. Transfer Japanese yen from a domestic bank to a domestic crypto currency exchange
  2. Buy cryptos from among the asset offered by SwissBorg that have low remittance fees. *XRP, etc.
  3. Transfer cryptos to your SwissBorg account

(Procedure for depositing legal tender from within Japan)

  1. Convert and remit Japanese yen from a domestic bank to legal tender handled by SwissBorg via Wise
    *Remittance by Revolut is not available. The remittance will be rejected.
    *As of July 10, 2022, SwissBorg does not deal in Japanese yen.
  2. Buy Cryptos at SwissBorg

LCX Terminal

LCX Terminal is one of LCX’s offerings, which allows users to trade on 16 crypto currency exchanges (as of July 9, 2022), including Binance, Coinbase Pro, Kraken, and KuCoin, through a single terminal.

However, this service does not currently have the ability to automatically search for the lowest price. In terms of sensation, it may be closer to Zapper than to 1inch. Both are called aggregators, but Zapper does not split a single trade among multiple exchanges, whereas 1inch splits a single trade among multiple exchanges.

A notable feature of LCX Terminal is its collaboration with LunarClush, the leading expert in social data analytics for the crypto currency market. LCX and LunarClush entered into a partnership in June 2020, and the LCX Terminal includes some of LunarClush’s analytic features as is. (Galaxy Score and Alt Rank are both there!)

To digress a bit, one of LCX’s technology partners is the massive Quant Network, which brings interoperability to all blockchains. As Quant’s press release of April 2021 stated, through Quant’s Overledger technology, a variety of LCX’s crypto assets, security tokens, NFTs, and other products will be able to be settled in CBDC and stablecoin.

Other LCX services include Tiamonds, which sells NFTed real diamonds. As the era of the U.S. dollar’s monopoly is changing, the demand for real assets is expected to increase. The ability to find value in tokens that cannot be measured in terms of fads and fashions will become even more important.

CeDeFi Aggregator


OpenOcean is a CeDeFi aggregator that sources liquidity from DEX/CEX. It supports liquidity mining using the Governance Token $OOE. They have derivatives, lending, insurance, and intellectual property management among other services planned for the future. Currently supported exchanges can be referenced here -> DEX/CEX

Orion Protocol

Orion Protocol is a CeDeFi aggregator similar to OpenOcean. Governance token $ORN is available for staking and liquidity mining. Information on brokers, supported networks, etc. can be found here. Legal tender payments by MoonPay are not supported in Japan.


Unizen is an affordable, fast, regulatory-compliant CeDeFi exchange that has added Binance Cloud, Uniswap, and others to its liquidity providers, allowing users to access any digital asset and transfer funds between crypto currency exchanges without leaving the platform. and transfer funds between crypto currency exchanges without leaving the platform.

Unizen implements features such as dynamic yield staking, AI-based social trade sentiment, cross-chain trade aggregation algorithms, liquidity sharing with Binance, and DApp on-boarding.

By using DMAS (Dynamic Multi Asset Staking), which involves purchasing and using NFTs as certificates and staking the $ZCX governor token, it is possible to receive staking rewards in tokens other than $ZCX, but since $ZCX is ERC-20 standard, it is currently difficult to recover the gas cost unless a substantial amount is spent. However, since $ZCX is ERC-20 standard, it is currently difficult to recover the cost of gas unless a substantial amount is spent.

RocketX Exchange

RocketX Exchange is a CEX/DEX aggregator integrating Binance, 1inch, ParaSwap, Uniswap V3, etc. It is multi-chain and supports ETH/MATIC/BSC. Governance token $RVF can be staked with lock period. It is interesting to stand as an aggregator of DEX aggregators.

DEX and Aggregators

DEX is a decentralized crypto currency exchange that operates without the involvement of central authorities or third parties.

Because it is decentralized, users have full control over the funds they use to trade and can avoid the risks inherent in CEX, such as loss of assets due to bankruptcy, hacking of exchange administrators, and identity theft. ) and no withdrawal restrictions like CEX. As long as there are no regional restrictions, anyone can use the service by connecting their own crypto currency wallet from a web browser.

They do not charge high transaction fees like CEX, but instead often require users to pay for the gas to run the blockchain. In addition, less liquid currency pairs are more prone to slippage (the difference between the order price and the execution price), so prices and trading volumes must be researched in advance. Before the advent of aggregators, it was necessary to investigate multiple DEXs each time when trading.

Thanks to the advent of aggregators that reference multiple liquidity pools together from a single platform, traders can now trade without worrying about price differences between exchanges and slippage caused by trading volume.

CTO Anton Bukov told us that 1inch, a pioneering aggregator, was created precisely to eliminate the inefficient effort spent on this research. He added, “The first customers of 1inch were myself and Sergej (Sergej Kunz). In other words, they made it because them wanted it.

These technologies developed in DeFi are also used in the field of CeFi and CeDeFi.


Today’s talk was deeply related to interoperability.

Crypto currency exchange aggregators continue to expand their base with DeFi, CeFi, and CeDeFi. If you are new to the scene, why not start with the well-known 1InchExchange or ParaSwap?

This dashboard from Dune Analyze will be helpful in analyzing DEX data and checking measurements.

When using an exchange, diversify your risk by using multiple exchanges rather than concentrating on any one place.

I think it is safe to operate that way, especially if you are using the exchange for liquidity mining or staking for a long period of time. If an exchange has KYC, it will take more time and effort to register, but there are instances where you can be saved and opportunities to gain thanks to having multiple entry and exit points for your money. Always be mindful of the risks and use as much as you can manage:)