Thank you very much for reading COTONOCA.

My name is Fennec, and I’m the blogger who researches and writes about virtual currencies.

I’d like to explain about this blog and introduce myself.

About this blog

COTONOCA is a survey research website specializing in blockchain.

Articles are composed of the following contents.

  • Research reports on virtual currencies and cryptographic assets
  • Features on services and values closely related to blockchain
  • Research know-how, including tools and services that can be used for research

Things that are said to have value even though they are invisible, and things that can be priced.

COTONOCA focuses on these “things” and examines their value and price.

We don’t do technical analysis because we focus on fundamentals.

Fennec Profile

I’m a fennec who works at a company, a patent business and a peddler.

While working, I also take care of hungry local cats.

I learned about blockchain technology in early 2021, and then started researching virtual currencies as a hobby. It was around that time that I started investing in U.S. stocks, IPOs, and virtual currencies.

My research often involves gathering information on virtual currency stocks that comply with the ISO 20022 international payment standard, CBDCs: Central Bank Digital Currencies, and trade finance. It’s full of awesome technology, very interesting!

What I want to convey in this blog

We will not only provide you with organized information, but also the research and analysis methods themselves.

I believe that by actually doing the research, you will be able to better understand the connections between the information and deepen your understanding.

Also, I’ve categorized the article categories into a structure that follows the purchasing behavior model of marketing, so that you can learn more about the products and services and gain knowledge about the process of using them.

If you’re reading this, have you ever heard of the term “DECAX” ?

DECAX is a content marketing method, a purchasing behavior model proposed by Atsuyuki Naito of Dentsu Digital Holdings in 2015. Specifically, it is a concept that lays out consumer behavior in chronological order as follows.

  1. Discovery: Discover content that is useful to you
  2. Engage: Grow to like the person or company that sent the message and deepen the relationship
  3. Check: Check the products of the content source
  4. Action: The consumer purchases the product
  5. eXperience: Experience the product and share it on SNS, etc

The service providers are planning their web marketing strategies based on these models and numbers, and sending out information in accordance with the purpose and use of their products.

It is effective to be aware of this model in gathering information efficiently through internet.

In this blog, we will categorize articles by further abstracting the DECAX purchasing behavior phase.

  1. Discover: To catch information
  2. Learn: Learn more about the product
  3. Compare: Compare with other products
  4. Use: Experience the product

The goal is not only to summarize information, but also to help you, the reader of this blog, naturally develop the ability to research, find, learn, compare, and use what you are interested in.

There are a number of other state-of-the-art methods for purchasing behavior models, but I have chosen to focus on DECAX because it is a model that excels at “making people aware that it is useful.

This model structure can also serve as a guideline for judging whether a service is good or bad.

There are many products and services in circulation in the world.

There are times when you may pass by an important “thing”, but you may not realize that it is so.

I believe that discovering the opportunity to know will one day lead to important encounters and enrichment.

Through this blog, I would like to help you gather information that can be used as a seed for financial and spiritual freedom.

Janitor / Fennec