Crypto News Roundup and Analysis Site “COTONOCA” Released

Good morning. This is Fennec.

The first release version (V1.0) of the crypto news roundup and analysis site I’ve been developing has been completed, so I’d like to report on the release and give you a brief description, usage, schedule, etc.

The link to the website is here.

First of all, I will write about the specifications of the program in a separate article, as it may be a bit too much text. This article is mainly an explanation of what I have done. So, if you are interested in the implementation of the program or the development of this site itself, you may want to read through the article with the specifications to get a feel for it.


Site Description

Website display screen

The website COTONOCA is a crypto news roundup and analysis site.

COTONOCA automatically brings up the date and title of the news uploaded to each site and summarizes it.

By changing the display settings, users can narrow down their news search to the information they want and view graphs that change depending on the settings. For now, only a pie chart that displays asset volume (number of news articles) and percentage by time period has been implemented.

One feature not found in general summary sites is the ability to search for individual stocks by entering a ticker. It also has the ability to include information on related companies, products, and people in the search.

In addition, you can select a site, search for a category, or view only news related/unrelated to an asset. In other words, you can use it as a summary site or as an analysis tool for specific stocks.

The information that a company sends out is accompanied by some kind of action.

There are times when this is not the case, but it is clear to everyone that a news site that writes articles based on its mood without any progress, for example, and transmits only ups and downs of charts, will be disadvantaged in the long run. Therefore, in most cases, the information sent out by companies will naturally converge on a pattern that is written only after progress has been made in the long run.

This site uses social inevitability and natural selection to help users determine “how much progress has actually been made” by obtaining decentralized information from multiple sites.

Thus, COTONOCA’s specialty is social analysis in long-term investment.

Scraping Target

There is a reason why I said in the previous section that “economic news and crypto-related news are the ‘main’ news”, because it is possible to bring in information from other sites as well. For example, it can handle blogs, corporate websites, and so on. This process of bringing in information is called “scraping” in technical terms.

This is going to be a bit long, but some of you may be wondering, “Is it okay to bring articles written by others without permission? So I’m going to add a little more: I try to scrape only information from sites that say it’s okay to bring the information. So I check in advance to see if scraping is prohibited and try not to scrape on prohibited sites.

Some sites even block scraping itself. Scraping is an activity that puts a heavy load on the site’s server, so I pay close attention to the access cycle and the URLs I connect to.

I read the contents of the site, the uploaded “robots.txt” memo, and the HTML source code of the top page to determine if scraping is prohibited.

Operation Manual

[Operation Manual] COTONOCA, crypto news summary and analysis site

Display Settings

News site selection

The news from the checked sites will be displayed.

Detect crypto

① Include

News related to crypto will be displayed.

② Irrelevant

News that is not directly related to crypto will be displayed.

※When “Irrelevant” is selected, the following menus will be grayed out.
“Detect range” -> “Include indirect”

※If you set it to “Irrelevant” while setting the Asset (ticker), only news that is not directly related to crypto will be displayed.

③ Both

You will see both ① “Include” and ② “Irrelevant” news.

Detect range

① Direct only

News directly related to crypto will be displayed.
Current supported stocks: Up to about the top 100 stocks by market capitalization

② Include indirect

IIn addition to ①, news about related companies, products, people, etc. will be displayed.
Currently supported stocks: Only some ISO20022 related stocks


The news of the selected category will be displayed.
You can currently choose from “ALL”, “DeFi”, “NFT”, “Web3”, and “CBDC”.


News related to the crypto of the ticker entered will be displayed.


The display settings are confirmed and reflected on the screen.

Restore All

The display settings will return to their initial state.

Delete individual issue button

[Future support] Cancel the search for the issue listed in the button. (The button is displayed only while searching for stocks.)

※In the first release version, the button cannot be pressed. To remove the ticker, run “Restore All”.

Market Analysis


The number and percentage of news articles are displayed in a graph for each crypto brand. (Up to the top 10 are displayed on a weekly/monthly/yearly basis)
The content displayed in each graph will vary depending on the display settings.

※In the first release version, only pie charts showing the number and percentage of articles are supported.

News Archive

The maximum number of articles displayed is 300. News is updated twice a day (in the evening and late at night), and the completion time is irregular.


The date the news was published.


The name of the website where the news was published.


News title. Selecting one will take you to the site of the quoted source.


The tickers of crypto related to the news will be displayed.
The number of tickers displayed will increase or decrease depending on the “Search scope” setting.


Related terms for “related issues” detected in the news text will be displayed.
It is displayed only when the “Search range” setting is “Include indirect”.

Future Schedule

The development schedule for 2022 is planned to proceed as follows.

Jan – Mar: Add site (Japanese/English), add supported issues, fix bugs, version control (Git)

Apr – Jun: Added functions (graphs, tabs, etc.), improved performance (associations), created Discord server

Jul – Aug: Additional functions (e.g., Japanese-English switching), performance improvement (speeding up), design creation

Sep – Oct: Added functions (login, favorites, etc.)

Nov – Dec: Additional functions (AI text mining, etc.)

I aim to go Web 2.0 in 2023 and Web 3.0 in 2024. (If I have enough money)

Asking for Donations

I’d be delighted if you could support the development of the site by throwing money at it!

The site I created is currently built on the ConoHa Wing server, just like the blog. Therefore, the cost of running the site will not increase beyond that of the blog. However, in the process of releasing the first version, I realized that there were many things that I could not do alone. If possible, I would like to use the profits from the development to fund the next development. That’s what I think, but I don’t have any ads at the moment in order to emphasize the usability of the site itself.

If I can find a decentralized advertising marketplace that looks good, I may want to post ads on it someday in the future, but for now I have no plans to do so. So for now, the only revenue I get from the projects I develop is the throwaway money.

All the money you give will be used for the development of the website. I want to do my best to make a useful site, so if you could support me, I would be very happy. But please don’t overdo it! If you could give me some feedback on the site, that would be great too. I only want you to throw money at me when you think it’s a good service.

Dedicated Bitcoin Address
XDC dedicated address

It would be ideal if I could develop in Solidity and migrate from ETH to XDC.