[Weekly Settlement] ISO 20022 Ecosystem News from 10/18/2021 to 10/24


OHAYOOOOO!! Let’s take a look back at the events of the week, shall we?


It’s already night, and I’m compiling news about the ISO 20022 standard!

News Article – 32 incidents

10/18(Mon) – 5 incidents


[Crowdfund Insider] Rachid Ajaja: CEO and Founder at AllianceBlock Explains Why Blockchain Interoperability Is Becoming Key Requirement

CEO Rachid Ajaja, who is at the forefront of the industry, talks about what the future holds for DeFi!


[The Block] Former ConsenSys exec raises $6.15 million to build crypto staking protocol Obol


[BeInCrypto] CBDC Likely, But Not With Blockchain Says Former Boston Fed President

He said “The distributed ledger mechanism is not optimal for sufficient transfer volume and speed.” The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston has demonstrated with Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric in the past.

Fabric “needs to run real volume and performance tests, which will require further research and experimentation,” the Euroclear experiment said.

If it’s not a blockchain, does that mean it’s a directed acyclic graph?

I wonder how it is~. Oh, technically, all blockchains are DAGs, apparently.

It’s difficult, and Arai-san doesn’t understand it well.

Also, the MIT Digital Currency Initiative and Quant Network, which are supporting the Boston Fed’s CBDC under Project Hamilton, have created ODAP (Open Digital Asset Protocol) to interoperate multiple ODLs. The details of ODAP are described in this document.


[The Block] Circle launches USDC stablecoin on Hedera network

[forkast] Tether fined $41M for misleading claims it was fully backed by fiat

10/19(Tue) – 13 incidents


[BeInCrypto] Cadalabs Project Announces CALA Token Pre Sale


[BeInCrypto] LoveChain Integrates Algorand Blockchain to Add NFT Feature


[BeInCrypto] India’s 13-Year-Old Coder Raises $300,000 for New DeFi Project

The project “Taksh” is built on Avalanche.

Avalanche has recently moved its cross-chain liquidity DEX HurricaneSwap from the test net to the main net. $HCT is hot, DYOR!


[forkast] Facebook to create 10,000 jobs in the EU to build its vision for the metaverse

[The Block] Novi set to launch pilot with Paxos’s stablecoin as uncertainty hangs over Diem

[The Block] Senate Banking Committee Democrats call on Facebook to stop launch of Diem and Novi


[Crowdfund Insider] Ethereum Scaling Solution Polygon Teams Up with DraftKings to Support NFTs, Secondary Markets


[Ledger Insights] Euroclear consortium trials CBDC for government bond settlement

[Euroclear] Leading financial institutions publish detailed report on first Central Bank Digital Currency experiment to settle French government bonds

Euroclear’s experiment, commissioned by the Bank of France, was a success, using Hyperledger Fabric.


[The Block] Coinbase announces multiyear sponsorship deal with NBA, WNBA

[Crowdfund Insider] Marqeta Now Powering Products for Coinbase, Bakkt, and More


[Fintech News] Tala Raises US$145 Million Series E, Plans to Roll Out Crypto Products

10/20(Wed) – 1 incidents


[The Block] UK crypto firm Copper set to raise up to $500 million

10/21(Thu) – 6 incidents


[Decrypt] Associated Press Taps Chainlink to Provide Untamperable News Data


[Ledger Insights] Bank of England mulls CBDC models in technology engagement forum


[Global Trade Review] Digitalisation could add US$9tn to G7 trade by 2026, says ICC


[Fintech News] Ripple Deepens Partnership With Tranglo Following 40% Stake Acquisition

[Crowdfund Insider] Al Ansari Exchange Leverages RippleNet Cloud to Streamline Cross-Border Remittance Payments to Malaysia with MoneyMatch


[Crowdfund Insider] Zilliqa, the High-Performance Blockchain Platform, Announces Appointment of Dr. Ben Livshits as CEO

Dr. Livshits used to be the chief scientist at the Brave browser production. D. in computer science from Stanford University, his academic research has played an important role in promoting privacy mechanisms at major companies such as Intel, Netscape, Communications, Yahoo!

10/22(Fri) – 4 incidents


[BeInCrypto] Lending Platform Adayield – New Method in DeFi Lending Market


[Decrypt] Sam Altman’s Worldcoin Unveils Hardware That Will Scan Your Eyeballs for Crypto

Sam Altman is the former president of YCombinator, and Algofi, the DeFi lending protocol, is the result of a collaboration between YCombinator and CitadelAlums.


[The Block] Coinbase spent nearly $800K on lobbying in 2021’s third quarter as part of influence revamp


[forkast] China releases plan to merge blockchain into global trade

I read “The Fourteenth Five-Year Plan for the Services and Trade Industries”. In a word, it is “Let’s make the One Belt, One Road Initiative a reality. It’s an effort to develop trade in various professional services such as construction, transportation, culture, tourism, architecture, data and Chinese medicine.

10/23(Sat) – 3 incidents


[Decrypt] Reddit Building NFT Marketplace to Join Ethereum Token Rewards

[Decrypt] The Ethereum Altair Upgrade Is Next Week. Here’s What’s in It

[Decrypt] Over $2B in Ethereum Has Now Been Burned By EIP-1559

10/24(Sun) – 0 incidents



I didn’t have time to sleep because of all the news about various assets~.

Let’s wipe off the drool. It’s been a week of reading heavy reports.