[Weekly Settlement] ISO 20022 Ecosystem News from 9/20/2021 to 9/26


It’s Fennec.
Here’s a summary of last week’s news related to the ISO 20022 standard.


It’s Alai-san nanoda.
Please refer to the article “[List of Issues] Virtual Currencies Compliant with ISO 20022 Standards” to find out which issues comply with the standards.

News Article – 36 incidents

9/20(Mon) – 4 incidents


[Ledger Insights] UK’s House of Lords opens CBDC inquiry


[The Block] Coinbase drops plans for crypto lending product after SEC tussle

[The Block] Homeland Security inks deal with Coinbase for its blockchain analytics software

[CoinGape] Coinbase Opens its “Prime” Brokerage Services For 9K Institutional Investors

9/21(Tue) – 6 incidents


[Decrypt] Avalanche DeFi Platform Vee Finance Suffers $35M Hack


[Decrypt] Coinbase Joins $8.5M Raise in Crypto Project Bringing DeFi to Bitcoin

I heard that the co-founders of Hedera and Tether are investing in it.


[Decrypt] Ethereum NFT Fantasy Soccer Game Sorare Raises $680 Million

[CoinPost] Ethereum’s L2 technology, Optimistic Ethereum, is now up and running with one click (イーサリアムのL2技術「Optimistic Ethereum」、ワンクリックで稼働可能に)


[Twitter – Unmarshal] XDC chain integrated into Unmarshal, a multi-chain DeFi network


[The Block] Judge denies Ripple’s request for SEC crypto trading disclosures

9/22(Wed) – 4 incidents


[あたらしい経済] GMO Trust and INX Partner to List Stablecoins “GYEN” and “ZUSD” (GMOトラストとINXが提携、ステーブルコイン「GYEN」と「ZUSD」上場へ)


[CNBC] Payments giant Nexi says it is working on digital euro with the European Central Bank

SIA, which Nexi absorbed in 2020, is a partner of Quant Network!
Overledger is integrating with SIAChain’s private blockchain!

The fact that Nexi is contributing to the ECB’s (European Central Bank) Digital Euro means that the Quant Network is likely to be used as the infrastructure for the CBDC.


[Ledger Insights] HSBC supportive of CBDC, working with 8 nations

[Twitter – Cordite] Reinsurance broker TigerRisk has become a partner of the Corda blockchain

9/23(Thu) – 9 incidents


[The Block] Crypto hedge fund launches actively managed ether and bitcoin trusts

[Decrypt] DEX Aggregator 1inch Adds Support for Ethereum Scaling Solution Arbitrum


[Ledger Insights] UK regulators progress blockchain for regulatory reporting

I watched a video of Digital Regulatory Reporting (DRR) on the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) website and found it to be a somewhat Quant-like feature.

By the way, Mr. Gilbert had a meeting with Guy Dietrich-san at FCA before.
There is an atmosphere where the Bank of England (BoE) is taking the lead in using Quant.

Mr. Gilbert worked for the BoE for about two years starting in 2016.
It’s undisclosed whether DRR is Quant or not, so that may be an uncertain piece of information!


[Cointelegraph] New decentralized stablecoin in China targets international trade

It details the uses and specifications of an “offshore” renminbi pegged to the digital renminbi to be piloted in China!
It’s going to be built on the Conflux Network blockchain!

I heard a government official talking about the need to separate “digital renminbi” from “digital renminbi stable coins” in a news report before, but I guess that means the stable coins will be created.

That’s right nanoda!
The digital Renminbi is used only for domestic transactions, while the offshore one is used only for international transactions.

Unlike USDT and USDC, it’s completely decentralized, so it’s not treated as a private staple coin, according to the article.
I see.


[forkast] UAE regulators to allow crypto-assets trading

[U.Today] Huawei Launches AI-Based Blockchain Service Built On Huawei Cloud

Huawei is a member of the open invention network, which Square joined this month.
OIN is a community that shares Linux-related patents without infringing on each other’s!

Linux is also related to the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger.
Hyperledger, Quorum, and Corda are all active in China, aren’t they?

Some EEA members, like Taiwan’s BSOS, which joined Hyperledger in December 2020, are the only EEA members in the world that have partnerships with those three consortium blockchains.

Could be great.

We’re helping companies digitize their supply chain finance!
It’s digital transformation!

Looks strong.


[U.Today] Stellar-Polygon Bridge Goes Live to Expand XLM Usage in DeFi


[Ledger Insights] Bhutan partners with Ripple for CBDC

[Ledger Insights] Siam Commercial Bank develops Ripple app for cross-border payments

SCB developed a mobile app for cross-border payments on RippleNet in January 2020!

9/24(Fri) – 7 incidents


[Twitter – AllianceBlock] Polinate×AllianceBlock’s liquidity mining rewards program launches on QuickSwap


[Crowdfund Insider] China’s Public Blockchain Nervos to Integrate with Covalent, an Indexing Solution Provider for DLT Networks

Nervos Network ($CKB) is a public permissionless blockchain.
It provides the scalability, security, and decentralization that are the foundation for building dApps.

Covalent was featured in the Data & Infrastructure section of THE BLOCK.

Covalent is AllianceBlock’s partner!
We’ll gather information from a wide range of chains and nodes to create analytical data for investment!

You’re supplementing the data and analysis results that would be lacking with DeFi alone.
It’s a great combination, and I’m sure it’s a field that will grow in the future.


[The Block] The world’s largest Ethereum mining pool says it will no longer serve Chinese miners

[Decrypt] New Desktop App Makes It Easier to Mine Ethereum

GOLEM NETWORK‘s Thorg Miner currently requires a Windows 10 OS and a graphics board with at least 6 GB to start mining.
They are planning to support lower performance graphics cards in the future.

It seems to be mining $ETH and receiving $GLM tokens.


[U.Today] Flare (FLR), Songbird (SGB) Can Now Be Delegated to Leading Swiss IT Provider


[The Block] TRON USDC now available

[CoinPost] Easier than USDC Deposits and Withdrawals, U.S. Circle Partners with Fintech Firm Plaid (USDCの入出金より簡単に、米サークル社がフィンテック企業Plaidと提携)

9/25(Sat) – 3 incidents


[Medium – POP!] POP! partners with AllianceBlock to pursue Blockchain Interoperability


[The Block] USDT sell-off against yuan intensifies on crypto OTCs after China’s crackdown


[CoinGape] Ripple CEO Reveals the “Only” Condition Under Which They Would Settle With SEC

According to Mr. Brad Garlinghouse, “We will only settle if the SEC agrees that XRP is not a security, treating it like ETH.”

9/26(Sun) – 3 incidents


[Crowdfund Insider] Charles Hoskinson and Shahaf Bar-Geffen Announce Cardano Stablecoin Djed


[The Block] Crypto exchange Huobi to cease all mainland China user accounts

[Wu Blockchain] Chinese cryptocurrency-related institutions and projects are announcing shutdowns and restrictions one after another (中国涉加密货币机构与项目陆续宣布关停与限制)

The Chinese government’s regulations appear to Arai-san to be groundwork for digital yuan issuance.
Are they planning to release the CBDC in time for the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing?

According to a statement from the People’s Bank of China, it’s not only the trading and ordering of virtual currencies and the issuing of tokens, but “the exchange of overseas virtual currencies that provide services in mainland China via the Internet is also illegal.


It was a week of movement in the CBDCs and the closing of exchanges in China and Korea!

It’s not peaceful.

I’m worried about the impact of both trading restrictions and the Hengda group.
Watch out for airdrop scams.

You’re a worrier.
You don’t have to worry about it so much.

Alai-san’s advice.

Are you president Bukele?